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Stop Press. 16th April, 2021: 5G court case headed by Michael Mansfield, QC against the UK Govt. https://actionagainst5g.org/


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While the mainstream is focusing intently on coronaviruses, many of us are aware this is far from the only issue of concern. One of them is the fact we are now living in an intense radiation grid (thinking electric cars, as well...)

We are energy beings, yet for the best part of a century have been subjected to drugs and energy pollution, largely unnecessary, because as Nikola Tesla and more recently, Raymond Rife, showed – most diseases can be healed with the use of the correct energy frequency. The ancients knew this. Tribal communities knew this. The Egyptians knew this. Yet Nikola Tesla and Raymond Rife’s work was buried. In short, hardly anyone needed to have died from the main killer diseases over the last eighty years or so, much less endured chemotherapy and extreme pain, because med-beds and healing chambers have been known about for a very long time. We could also have had free, safe energy and Wi-fi, yet look at what is happening instead, and is progressively getting worse. We refer to the effects of 5G, currently being installed at a phenomenal pace, which has not only been shown in trials to cause mental disturbances and cancer, but can also produce symptoms remarkably similar to that of flu. Radiation sickness, in other words. Cytokine storms? How much of the obvious are we missing? 

Quote from Mark Steele UK: 'The COE 1815 Resolution states that you should not be exposed to more than 200mV/m microwave Radiation. We can easily measure well over 5000mV/m in most parts of London 5G LED grid...'

Much of Tesla's work was confiscated by the government and he was later smeared as a mad scientist. So instead of the healing chambers and med beds he devised (which cured cancers and heart disease), and Tesla towers with healing free energy, we got trillions of dollars of drugs and polluting fuel. Imagine - the entire earth could be healed, including us, without pain, without cost.... Science knows this. Yet what is being planned goes even further down the harmful route - specifically microchip/nanochip technology connected directly to people's bodies – with 6G next on the cards. Will the birds and insects survive? Will the eco-system? Will you? 

So what has finally been dropped today, on January 26th 2021, after all these years, from the FBI, is important - Nikola Tesla’s files:  https://vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla 

Basically, the world's leaders knew all long that free energy and wireless/wifi... was available because it had been harnessed in Egyptian times. At the correct frequency it is also not only harmless but actually heals both us and the planet...

'This channel provides awareness for the coming new Healing technology already planned for humanity. Amazing stuff...' https://t.me/MedbedsTechnology


TESLA: 369 and the secrets of the universe:

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Another scientist who proved cancer could be cured with energy vibrations/frequency, and who had his work 'shut down' after presenting it, was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. He died without ever being recognised…  http://www.royal-rife.com/

Tesla biohealing


YouTube interview:  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Tesla+BioHealer+youtube&atb=v259-1&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DcVmoH7fYHAg

Also have a look at 'The Wall of light' by Arthur H. Mathews, the last man to work with Nikola Tesla, and who was given the spacecraft information. There is some very interesting information in the documents pertaining to this.  

And this is a recent disclosure drop:  https://vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla


So let’s see what some modern day scientists say. Facts are facts, and the biggest killers today, despite what the media would have everyone believe, are by far and away, cancer, dementia, and heart disease. Here is further reading on 5G and its health issues. As always, please do your own research in addition to this. 

Part 1 35.50 minutes - https://youtu.be/kH-WnCET5QA 

Part 2 24.14 minutes - https://youtu.be/BbPGpXwx3B0 

Part 3 30.32 minutes - https://youtu.be/_9QkdFQj9PY 

Main take home points from these videos are that the power density, waveform and bandwidth of this technology increases the effects on our global health, which could spiral down. It’s already happening, look at the prevalence and incidence of diseases across the world compared to 10, 20, 30+ years ago. National Toxicology Programme study…. https://www.niehs.nih.gov/news/newsroom/releases/2018/november1/index.cfm 

Rats developed cancerous tumours with just 2G or 3G. Another link which is extremely informative on health effects of 5G…. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326141

Finally, look what could potentially be coming our way in the future….6G. https://www.cnet.com/news/fcc-opens-up-experimental-spectrum-licenses-for-6g/ 

 2021 concerns published

5G or coronavirus? Interesting data.....

Dr. Robert Young
The Connection Between 5G and the Corona Virus
How is Electromagnetic Frequency(EMF)Radiation Connected to the 'Corona Effect'? Is 5G EMF radiation poisoning harmful to humans? What is the 5G System & Radiation Poisoning The 5G.. https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/the-connection-between-5g-and-the-corona-virus




Children’s Health Defense lawsuit against the FCC, which proceeds to hearing on January 25th.
11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25th, 2021

The Independent:
5G roll-out should stop while ‘suspected adverse health effects’ investigated, expert claims
University of Edinburgh professor calls for ‘a moratorium on exposure, pending adequate scientific investigation.’

5G Court Case 25 Jan 2021
EHT et al. v. the FCC seeks to have the Court order the FCC to remand, vacate and update its 25-year-old exposure guidelines for radio-frequency radiation (RFR) from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, 5G and other wireless communication devices.
After Environmental Health Trust’s case was consolidated in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals with Children’s Health Defense, the evidentiary briefs were filed jointly with the Children’s Health Defense, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones and numerous other petitioners including Elizabeth Barris, Theodora Scarato MSW, Michelle Hertz, Petra Broken, Dr. David Carpenter, Dr. Toril Jelter, Dr. Paul Dart, Dr. Ann Lee, Virginia Farver, Jennifer Baran and Paul Stanley M.Ed.


LED streetlghts: https://youtu.be/gyAi8HXgFR8
Mark Steele takes apart an LED streetlight and reveals all. 


Forwarded from Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar

'Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G "SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, surfaced in Wuhan, China shortly after the implementation of city-wide (fifth generation [5G] of wireless communications radiation [WCR]), and which rapidly spread globally, initially demonstrating a statistical correlation to international communities with recently established 5G networks. 

In this study, we examined the peer-reviewed scientific literature on the detrimental bioeffects of WCR and identified several mechanisms by which WCR may have contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic as a toxic environmental cofactor. By crossing boundaries between the disciplines of biophysics and pathophysiology, we present evidence that WCR may: (1) cause morphologic changes in erythrocytes including echinocyte and rouleaux formation that can contribute to hypercoagulation; (2) impair microcirculation and reduce erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels exacerbating hypoxia; (3) amplify immune system dysfunction, including immunosuppression, autoimmunity, and hyperinflammation; (4) increase cellular oxidative stress and the production of free radicals resulting in vascular injury and organ damage; (5) increase intracellular Ca2+ essential for viral entry, replication, and release, in addition to promoting pro-inflammatory pathways; and (6) worsen heart arrhythmias and cardiac disorders." 



Forwarded from ZeroHedge

'Helicopter Operations May Be Affected By Nationwide 5G Rollout https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/helicopter-operations-may-be-affected-nationwide-5g-rollout


LISTEN LIVE TO Oral Arguments Audio livestream U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia here.


AI and transhumanism - 5G or higher - 6G, even 7G would be needed. This is something to consider urgently, along with the pre-programming in place for the next generation!!! Who controls the computers which will control your life and your every move?  https://brandnewtube.com/watch/transhumanism-covid-19-vaccine-quantum-computers-ai-smart-grid_fPPGdK3clrQHpq3 




Apparently this is the nanodot found inside the pfizer vaccine. We cannot verify or figure it out... but via 5G it is said to control the human being.... Nanotechnology was openly admitted by Boris Johnson on camera to the country a couple of days ago. Sadly this is NOT a conspiracy theory.  


More information on the history of radiation.... 

(ANONYMOUS ) Book: The Invisible Rainbow - the history of electricity. Every time new electrical tech has been introduced to the masses, from electricity to radar, 1G, etc people get influenza. The Spanish flu 1918 happened after the Americans introduced radar on their bases in Europe but kept it quiet that their troops were falling ill for obvious reasons. It became known as the Spanish flu as the general population started to become sick. Back then everyone was having to wear masks as well! Influenza wasn’t a thing before electricity got introduced to the world. Also had a different name for electroensitives back then called Neurasthenia!
(ANONYMOUS) '... maps from the summer in US that patched C19 infections on top of 5G areas and other pollution. Esp. NY and Mississipi basin. They matched. Highly recommend the book Invisible Rainbow. The main issue we need to be aware of is, that 5G caused these electromagnetic disturbances to our bodily ecosystems. It's been known for over 300 years that years of intense solar activity, generating electromagnetic pulses, match years of influenza outbreaks...'

Excellent article explaining how EMFs open up the voltage gated calcium channels in our cell membranes & let viruses in,

Let's just have a look at the correlation between 5G network coverage and C19 outbreaks:



What started the forest fires and how lethal are these? Used against US? Many people deny their existence...

Looks like they were testing “Haarp” technology as early as the 1920s.
Smoke curtain released by an aircraft in 1923. This video was a test run by the US Navy and Airforce.
The smoke was highly corrosive, consisting of titanium dioxide and aerosol hydrochloride acid used against their enemies.



"While dams can benefit society, they also cause considerable harm to rivers. Dams have depleted fisheries, degraded river ecosystems, and altered recreational opportunities on nearly all of our nation’s rivers."



'Directed energy' systems with lasers will form 'force-field' over US  https://mol.im/a/9830881 via http://dailym.ai/android