04 Jan

This is for adding up dots and trying to make sense out of chaos. Yes, there is a bigger picture but no, we don't have all the answers. However, we have a lot of dots. 

This blog is about the bigger picture in terms of who we are spiritually, who the 'rulers' are and have always been, and it looks at both the best and the worst... lots of apalling shocks too - the red pill can be bitter and is not one easily swallowed. Take only what resonates...If you can stomach it though, the knowledge is empowering. We bow to no one! 


1. The truth of who we are and where we came from. Now is the time to find out because the whole world is changing fast, and when that involves mass injectables and AI, we really do have to wake up! All of us. First, what happened to spiritual beliefs and how was religion so corrupted? Who was Jesus Christ, or Yehsua, and why was he such threat to the rulers? Much of his work was hidden and even more was changed/twisted. Having read the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, the main message was to love God/Source, and also one another; to seek the truth/knowledge, heal ourselves, know ourselves  and live in harmony with nature. So why was that such a threat he had to be murdered? Why was reincarnation left out of the bible? How about ancient sanskrit texts highly reminiscent of Christ's teachings yet written centuries before?  There are millions of documents hidden beneath the Vatican, pertaining to the major religions. It seems we know very little. 


'For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.
What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done. (Jesus Christ, Matthew 16:24-27)


The Gnostic Gospels: Nag Hammadi Scriptures, and also discussed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZQ03ki7-UU&feature=youtu.be

The Dead Sea Scrolls 

The Book of Enoch

Article copied and pasted:

'So the bible books were found in Qumran in 1947( what a year that was..Roswell ufo crash)..880 books all together...you know 66 of those books in the modern day edit passing as The Bible..
The Book of Giants is an antediluvian (pre-Flood) narrative that was received primarily in Manichaean literature and known at Turfan.[4] However, the earliest known traditions for the book originate in Aramaic copies of a Book of Giants among the Dead Sea Scrolls.



And what is under the Vatican? Apparently 3 million sacred texts that contain information about who we are, and it was there for us to know, not to be hidden...We are going to need thousands of smart scholars to interpret these WHEN they come to light:  


Was Reincarnation Removed From the Bible?
Have you ever considered why the doctrine of reincarnation was not in the bible?  Based on the Catholic church, doctrines are infallible teachings...


In the early 1960s, Chan Thomas wrote a book titled The Adam and Eve Story and attempted to have it published by Emerson House in Los Angeles. Soon after publishing the full issue, the CIA classified his book for 50 years. An FOIA lawsuit was filed against the CIA to release the book. In 2013, the CIA released a "cleansed" version of the original book (50 pages out of 240 original pages).
Why was this book classified?

This film is 5 hours long but maybe (spaced out sections as it is very long) one of the most enlightening seen to date. Who changed our history ?? And what is the coming 'shift'?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjn-0F2BwFo


U.S. Seizes Funeral Scrolls & Manuscripts Taken from Pre-Holocaust Jewish Communities in Eastern Europe

Jewish artifacts once illegally confiscated by Nazis during World War II & thought to be lost forever have been found & seized by the Dept of Homeland Security Investigations. 

17 artifacts, incl. funeral scrolls, communal records & other manuscripts, from Jewish communities in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine & Slovakia were found at a Brooklyn auction house that was selling them.

“The Scrolls and Manuscripts that were illegally confiscated during the Holocaust contain priceless historical information that belongs to the descendants of families that lived and flourished in Jewish communities before the Holocaust. This Office hopes that today’s seizure will contribute to the restoration of pre-Holocaust history in Eastern Europe.” 

Acting U.S. Attorney Kasulis. 



How does the spiritual match with quantum physics? It can all be proven. You can see and feel the resonance of truth and it cannot be faked. Here is a presentation (long) on both, incl a woman who worked at US Govt level on quantum and who explains it all.... It is imperative to stand in truth, love (for all) and integrity....


An easy read and explanation is the Celestine Prophecy and the 10th Insight that follows on... Explains energy and communication using Mayan and Indigenous People's ancient wisdom.


The truth of the world wars?



2. Who's really in charge of running the global dictates? Who are the 13 bloodlines? Who comprises the elite? What is the Illuminati? And how does it tie in with the Pharoahs and pyramids, symbology used, and the secret societies bonding them together?

Suggested reading: The Order of the Garter and the Council of 300:

For this information in full the best suggestion is to read Dr John Coleman's 'The Committee of 300' . You can also search on, 'The Venetian Black Noblity' by the same author and take your search from there. This might be time very well spent, as it provides a comprehensive understanding of royalty, banking dynasties, power, wars and global trade over the centuries. This in short, is who the rulers are and how they wield control over those they consider slaves/not important. 

Quoted from these documents/books:

'Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 rules the world and is the driving force behind the New World Order under a 'totalitarian global government.' The inner circle of the Commitee of 300 is the Order of the Garter, headed by Queen Elizabeth Windsor.' 

'We often hear about the influences of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers....but if you're looking at the powerful people, you can talk about the House of Braganza, the House of Orange, the House of Hapsburg. These people have unimaginable wealth. You measure it not in billions but in trillions of dollars. A document taken from the Krupp family of Germany - one banking statement, just one account on one day, and there's 112 trillion dollars on that account.'

'We will have a world government whether you like it or not' - James Paul Warburg, 1950 (powerful investment banker). HIs father was one of the men who conspired to create the private bank for profit Federal reserve banking system during a secret meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910.' 

'I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England....The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply' - Nathan Mayer Rothschild, one of the sons of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of their family's international banking dynasty and Committee of 300 kingpin.'

'The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its welfare recipients of the future.'

Lists of various societies and major corporations and entangled institutes, comprise this network of control.. Listed are - Bilderbergy Group, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, IMF, World Bank, Club of Rome, Chatham House, Tavistock Institute, Reuters. Associated Press. 

In short, there is a complex network of controlling, self-appointed authorities that have been set up globally, backed by limitless wealth, on a financial system based on opium trading and slavery.  Have a look at who is running some of the most aggressive groups of activists in the world today, who is funding them and how they made their money. 

Video option: 

Dr. John Coleman, being a historian in intelligence community, researched in full scope the sinister forces behind the New world order movement. This video lecture represents a culmination of his findings about secret societies which form this global movement and how it came into existence.


The global re-set. We are wondering if the unelected billionaire globalists will also be connected to a central computer, or is this just for us? Have a look at the World Economic Forum because they already stated you would own nothing, have no privacy and be happy about it! 

This right here should tell you all you need to know.







The Iluminati and what it means:  http://illuminati-news.com/00363.html

Queen of England's druidic ceremony ...why was her female consort wearing red?



A country leader (UK Boris Johnson) clearly stating the misson. They really DO mean to depopulate - not themselves, but us. It's in Agenda 21, written on the Georgia Stones; and Johnson's father even wrote a book about it.

His obituary was published in Australia early March, and here it is stated he is deceased. At the point of writing this on the 11th March, 2021 - the press in the uk has not yet announced his death!!

The British Royals... We found this! 


For the record - mid-May and on Good Morning Britain, a presenter 'accidentally announces the queen's death'... This seems to have been 'laughed off...'



'Time's Up': Virginia Roberts Set to Sue Prince Andrew in US Court Soon, Her Lawyer Says - Sputnik International https://sputniknews.com/world/202108081083553816-times-up-virginia-roberts-set-to-sue-prince-andrew-in-us-court-soon-her-lawyer-says/


Stillness in the Storm 


CLAIM: 'European Royals Allegedly Killing Children in Human Hunting Parties — 4 Eyewitnesses Testify
(Judy Byington) This is one in a series of articles taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.'


Communism isn't just for China and North Korea.. it is a totalitarian dream coming to the west if 'they' get their way.... how is it done?

Communism, what happened in Russia, how it's linked to the Rothschilds banking system/royals/vatican and tied up with secret masonic societies.

'The Communists brutally murdered the entire Romanov family in order to turn Russia into a Communist Country'...


The WWI Conspiracy, part 1

This is the story of WWI that you didn’t read in the history books. What was World War One about? How did it start? Who won? And what did they win? Now, 100 years after those final shots rang out, these questions still puzzle historians and laymen alike. But as we shall see, this confusion is not a happenstance of history but the wool that has been pulled over our eyes to stop us from seeing what WWI really was. 

Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tclAbWvBt70/

Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/x-5kWX7rYuU/

Watch Part 3 https://www.bitchute.com/video/FzVd7XCTu28/



'If you have trouble viewing on Bitchute it's also broken down in 10 part videos here as well. https://t.me/battleofeuropa


Satanism in plain sight

3. The Celebrities and their signals, codes and meltdowns.

These are there for all to see. These people have millions of followers and are highly rewarded. But have a look at what they signed up to. What elite club/secret society did they join? Again we come back to the symbology of pharoahs and pyramids, so all who did join can easily be spotted. Much of the overt symbology is called mocking the goy, because they know the masses are not part of this club, and those who crack the code will not be believed. Satanism? Not in this day and age! So, what's with the red shoes, single gloves, single child's shoes, white rabbits, pink hair, slices of pizza and various other mentioned food-stuffs like pasta for example, or certain sauces? Some are actively performing spirit cooking and cannibalism in their videos, others acting out possessions and rituals on-stage. So what have they signed up to? Do you know what you have to be to get to be a global star?  Warning - this is very, very sick....


The Church of Satan
A message from Anton leVey (sadly this is real)

Anton LaVey - Wikipedia

John Todd

Former Occultist on Witches, Satanists and the Illuminati
In 1988 Todd (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Todd_(conspiracy_theorist)) was convicted in South Carolina on charges of rape and sentenced to 30 years in a prison. In 2004 he was released from prison and placed in a psychiatric facility, where he died in 2007.
The Process Church 5:47
The Inner and Outer Process 6:06
Four God System 6:18
Serpent Cross 6:31
Contact 6:41
The Sharron Tate Murder 6:44
Question 7:58



'The hidden language of the Illuminati and Freemason. Learn the hand signs, learn the symbols, free youself from the fear and bondage. ⁣They vowed you would never know. They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding. They were wrong.'

CREDITS : TEXE MARRS R.I.P 23/11/2019 ⁣https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texe_Marrs

The Channel https://www.buymeacoffee.com/awakenedlight 

AWAKENED LIGHT : https://meditationforfreedom.co.uk/awakened-light-great-awakening/


Another warning - these are people who have been celebrated, admired and richly rewarded for decades. These are shocking!





Part 15: The Era of Depopulation… About our poisoned food, water, and care products, about GMOs and Family Planning. The true story behind sex education and the LGBTQ movement.
By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter


And what happens to those international musicians who tried to get out? There is a very long list... usually written off as overdoses or accidents (we can think of at least 30 straight off the bat...) This clip is regarding Michael Jackson, who had his reputation destroyed as well, after death when it could not be redressed.

May 15th, 2021: Released from the FBI files, the murder investigation of Kurt Cobain.


Dr. E MIchael Jones Wagner, Nietzsche, Schoenberg and Mick Jagger: The Dark Side of Modern Music

The less known side of modern music



Child Trafficking and Adrenochrome - this diabolical business is HUGE and very possibly underpins everything that is currently happening! 

1. The Hollywood & Vatican Global Pedophile Crime Ring Exposed
2. Vatican opened the doors to an orgy of pedophilia
3. Historic lawsuit filed against Vatican
4. Catholich church sex abuse victims are suing the Pope
5. Former Guam altar boys sue priest
6. Suit against Pope Benedict Pedophile Priest Scandal
7. American Empire Exposed
8. Vatican court hears unprecedented sexual abuse criminal trial. https://www.gpb.org/news/2020/10/26/vatican-court-hears-unprecedented-sexual-abuse-criminal-trial
9. Vatican Pedophile Ring, child trafficking, mass graves, and missing children
10. Mother Teresa was a child trafficker funneling millions of dollars to the vatican

11. ‘System of abuse’? At least 10,000 children sexually molested at hands of French Catholic Church since 1950s — report — RT World News
At least 10,000 children have fallen victim to sex abuse by clergy and other officials of the Catholic Church in France since the...

12. Thousands of Bones Uncovered Inside The Vatican In Search For Missing Teen - Collective Spark
Thousands of bones have been unearthed by forensic experts from two ossuary’s within the Vatican as part of an on-going...



More catholic church abuse reports... 



The Holy See can never again be tried for cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in various countries. This new law was passed on October 12, 2021, after the dismissal of 24 plaintiffs who unsuccessfully sued the Vatican in Belgian courts for horrific pedophilia by Catholic priests. https://leozagami.com/2021/10/14/shocking-european-court-of-human-rights-grants-the-vatican-immunity-for-cases-of-pedophilia/


12. Connecting this to Hollywood: Some tweets from one 'celebrity'... She complained that she'd had hate 'tweets' from thousands of people and would leave Twitter if those people didn't stop harassing her. A no-brainer? Alas, hundreds of thousands of accounts were removed and hers stayed. 

Celebrities are just the tip of a massive iceberg.... horrifically and sadly. (codewords are pizza, hotdogs, cheese etc... for the type of children they are referring to in the belief the public doesn't know!)

There are some people who have integrity in Hollywood, though. Very few. One such is Mel Gibson: 


Forwarded from Official Learn Something New Today Awakened Light

'Abuse of Power Dark Hollywood ⁣


'What really goes on at the parties we don't see? What initiations do they need to go through in order to level up? Want to support our channel/share the videos - its FREE! https://brandnewtube.com/v/eK3xpW


Yes that is 8 million children who go missing every single year... and how many more who don't have a birth certificate? Why are no questions asked and why is it rarely in the media?  

Research suggestions: yellow brick road, silk road...


Copied and pasted article:
'3,178 new pages have been added to the Hillary Clinton collection on ProjectApario.
Visit Project Apario https://projectapario.com/si/record_set/SD4AXEHB2/name/Hillary-Clinton

Wikileaks Files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton's emails, McCain's being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. .... https://file.wikileaks.org/file/

These are Clinton’s emails: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/clinton-emails/


Huntergate https://l00kinglass.com/springboard/robert-hunter-bidens-laptop



What about those who tried to get out of the cult or threatened to speak out? There have been a lot of celebrity early deaths for sure!   

The Phoenix Enigma :
The Doorknob Sacrifices; A Black-Sun Ritual: 12 Celebrity "Suicides" related to Pedophilia Cover-up.
A Black-Sun Ritual It would seem that June 2018 culminated a lengthy ritual involving the sacrifice....



Satanic rituals/sacrifice/mothers of darkness... Research under #satanicelite and please use your own judgement. It looks like this really does go on...  


To the nay-sayers who say adrenochrome does not exist and is not patented - here are the patent numbers, copied and posted from a site where someone did the research:

3M has the patent for preparing adrenochrome: US Patent # 4501923. This was done back in the '80s when 3M was called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The patent was issued in 1985. Interestingly, the patent expired in April 2020
https://archive.is/5IpPh - link to Patent Office page
https://archive.is/PH9IZ - link to Google Patent reference
https://pimg-fpiw.uspto.gov/fdd/23/019/045/0.pdf - Scan of patent documents:
archive.is (https://archive.is/5IpPh)United States Patent: 4501923 archived 10 Apr 2020 17:45:44 UTC


The Black Vault - Government Document Archive
The Black Vault is the largest privately run archive of declassified documents in the world. https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/


Secret Societies....

The City of London.
Did you know it is a law unto itself?
This documentary exposes 'The City'...


The illuminati propbably stems back further than Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, to the Rosicruceans. This is the creeping in of the pharoahs, or elites, through European nobility and the banking families. (see above). Via secret societies, or brotherhood organisations, these are the people drawn to power and wealth who seek to enslave others. One formed in England following the apparent dissolution of the Bavarian Illuminati, was the Fabian Society, its emblem a wolf in sheep's clothing. Illuminati funded and based in London, we strongly recommend having a look at some of the members! Hi Tony (now WEF). Communism is a favourite control method. Fascism. Communism. Control.... This isn't politics - it's just one method or another to force us into nothing.

As of Feb 22nd, 2021, Washington DC is still a sealed-off area and has been for a month.... what is going on under Washington DC? There are reports of tunnels and children being rescued... we don't know... please be aware this stuff is really happening... we know less than 1% at a guess, but hope truth will out soon for the sake of the children who, in their millions, have been trafficked and abused.


Oliver Stone EXPOSES JFK ASSASSINATION Coverup? (Watch!)
Legendary director Oliver Stone talks about his new film ‘JFK: Revisited: Through the Looking Glass’ on RT’s ‘Going Underground’ episode.
Stone discusses:
▪️JFK’s often over-looked campaigns for peace with the Soviet Union and Cuba
▪️Details exposing an alleged coverup of JFK’s assassination, including CIA involvement & why powers wanted him dead
▪️JFK’s preparations to shatter the CIA and his belief the war in Vietnam was a mistake
▪️Lee Harvey Oswald’s supervision by the CIA
▪️How events leading up to JFK’s assassination were meticulously planned and CIA’s involvement on the day – plus much more!
Watch the full 'Going Underground' episode on RT here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVso_wpata4

An interesting report as of March 15th re the Khazarian Mafia... Who calls the shots and who obeys?


Evil hides in the most unlikely places....UK politics:


DO you trust these people making the rules that govern your life? How well do you know them?




New film on the sheer scale of child trafficking and abuse, The Sound of Freedom' will be released at the end of 2021. Here the director breaks down describing the horror of what the children have had to endure. 8 million go missing a year....  So many, many celebrities and Hollywood 'icons' who have enjoyed adoration, wealth and endless youth for all these years, are taking the life force of children. And this is not covered in mainstream. People don't know. WHY???  



The awaited documents for Ghislane Maxwell have been posted. https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.539612/gov.uscourts.nysd.539612.311.1.pdf https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-judge-approves-unsealing-of-documents-linking-ghislaine-maxwell-to-clintons


John McAffee Posting Videos?

Forwarded: 'The YouTube account that posted drone footage of Epstein’s Paedo Island (most likely recorded by John McAffee) has been uploading a series of videos over the last few hours…'



4. The Mayan Calendar and the 5d golden age. How has the gregorian calendar served us and are we locked into a time warp of repeated patterns, never truly evolving? There are so many questions regarding how we came to accept and become locked into this cycle. Is now the time for our entrapment to end?


 Note: check out the Prague clock! 


5. Those who own everything can cut off our power at the flick of a switch. But what if electric, travelling and all healing was free? And they had NO control over that? So no bills for heat and light, wi-fi, or medications? And it was clean and in harmony with the universe!  

Tesla. Sound and frequency healing, free electricity, crystal batteries. Is this relevent? HUGELY!

Frequency, energy and vibration. We are beings made up of frequency waves. He knew we could heal ourselves all along, using the natural harmony of the universe. Like so many groundbreakers, he was ridiculed and many labelled him as mad. Only now are we seeing his true genius. We could have had free healing without drugs, free energy without radiation, and even free, clean car travel.... 

Electricity when used in harmony with nature and us, can heal. This includes music and light. When used against natural law, it is extremely harmful, as we will come to later. Many reading this will know this already. But it is very well worth exploring even further. It could mean the end of most prescription drugs and a lifelong dependence on them, not to mention revolutionise the climate change agenda! 

Have a look at med beds and healing chambers - which cured cancer, emphysema, heart disease...(Tesla Files). Why were these not put into use instead of drugs? Profit? Is it not all about natural energy, though? The pyramids were supposed to be healing chambers - built to mathematical precison over water and powerful ley lines, they harnessed enough energy to provide electricity! I know - shock - we are not the zenith of knowledge after all! And why is there a pyramid at Antarctica? All the secrets of the universe, said Tesla, are sound, vibration and energy.... Which brings us full circle to the illuminati mockery of the pyramids and one eye of Horus? (Them at the top and the rest of us at the bottom... still loving those celebs??)




Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and the Rife Machinehttp://www.royal-rife.com/

Arthur H. Mathews. 'The Wall of Light.'


6. The real history of our planet and civilisations. Has anything we've been told been true? Archeology links to ancient civilisations that have come and gone, were extremely advanced yet we heard little about them. 

Robert Sepehr. Ancient Atlantean Colony in the Grand Canyon. The Elite and dark rituals on Jeykll Island. All of his videos are well worth watching!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UIpdqpA-Gc

Do you know about Antarctica and Eisenhower? Do you know about Admiral Richard Byrd and the Secret Space Programme? With the melting of the ice, you can now see a pyramid there, and a mile wide entrance to an underground base. Oh, and the Rockefeller Plateau! 

The secret colonies in Antarctica. What happened after WW2? Antarctica is not what we thought...at all... Some good footage!




Hitler: did he really commit suicide or did he escape to the US? 


Altantis is fiction?? Why would Hitler and Himmler be obsessed with the Aryans of Atlantis, and their highly advanced technology? How does that connect with the Hopi?  What is the Thule Society and Vril? 


Massive intel drop - only for those already on top of their game - it's 640 pages and concerns military, ET, illuminati/cabal and shocking disclosure information: 



The significance of ley lines....

Underneath the pyramids of Giza for example, ley lines are powerful sources of telluric energy, and many cathedrals and castles were built on them, and of course historic sites of importance such as stone henge. 

Powerful energy lines criss-cross the earth in a grid... there is a lot of information on this.


Where was G7 held? Cornwall, UK, 2021? 

On the St Michael and Mary ley line that crosses with a vertical one running down from Ireland to Jerusalem, via St Michael's Mount and Lyons...  Coincidence!?


Forwarded from Learn Something New Today Awakened Light] Leylines of the earth level up https://www.bitchute.com/video/5uldUmFjlK3Z/


Strange weather in Feb. 2021 - snow in Texas, Jerusalem and Greece but not in the UK? 

Who's telling us global warming means we need to do away with our cars and gas pipes to heat homes, while they buy private jet companies and there's snow in the desert?? Let's try and get to the truth....

Looks like climate change was on the agenda back in the 40s.. UN/Bohemian Grove links back 80 years. 


Weather engineering patents: There are patents on weather modification. As an example:


Looks like they were testing “Haarp” technology as early as the 1920s.
Smoke curtain released by an aircraft in 1923. This video was a test run by the US Navy and Airforce.
The smoke was highly corrosive, consisting of titanium dioxide and aerosol hydrochloride acid used against their enemies.


"While dams can benefit society, they also cause considerable harm to rivers. Dams have depleted fisheries, degraded river ecosystems, and altered recreational opportunities on nearly all of our nation’s rivers."



'Directed energy' systems with lasers will form 'force-field' over US  https://mol.im/a/9830881 via http://dailym.ai/android


Here's some good news for you! Bill Gates plan to block out the sun from Sweden, was refused. Light will prevail!  https://www.rt.com/news/519904-sweden-experiment-dim-sun-gates/



7. Why can't our friends and family see the truth of what is happening? Mind control? This has been coming a long time, hasn't it? How far back ? Well, the The Tavistock Institute was instigated by Freud and Jung, so post WW2. The extreme would be MK Ultra, involving handlers. To research: Operation Paperclip (CIA). Operation Mockingbird (media).



US Patent Confirms Your "Tell-A-Vision" Monitor Has Manipulated You Physiologically.
'Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electro-magnetic fields that are pulsed with computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a Video Signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated
even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal
Patent - US6506148B2 - Nervous System Manipulation By Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors
"Guide To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency & Consciousness"


Hypnosis. Here are some links we found, explaining it. Basically, one side of the brain is your conscious mind, the other the unconscious. The trick to hynosis is to disable the unconscous with say, boredom, a monotonous voice in tandem with the heartbeat, or even a quick shock, in order for the conscious mind to accept pretty much anything. We have seen on stage how a person can believe they have lost a limb or that they are now very angry or in love with someone. It can be used, in the extreme, to make someone become an assassin. MK Ultra is this extreme form. is this being done via the tv? Many people are taking ALL their information through this medium, without ever asking who controls/dictates that supply.

This particular link was found with regard to the after-effects of mind-altering techniques including hypnosis. It is real and far more widespread than most people think.




8. The Awakening or Exit from the Matrix

You will undoubtedly have heard of this by now: the Great Awakening, the 5d transition? We're told by 'scientists' that 98% of our DNA is junk! Erm... how about memory instead? Crystalline soul memory?

This re-awakening to who we really are is not for everyone. Indeed we have been so strongly conditioned for a long time into our current belief systems and illusions, that it can be a shock! To realise we are eternal light beings, made of energy, that we possibly have thousands of years of erased memory...yes... when it hits you it can be shattering. As such this is a choice, and a concept that can only be accepted by an individual when and if they are ready. However, if you are feeling that something is off, or wrong, over and above the obvious - this information may help! 

Serious re-wiring needed - what has the system/matrix done to us? School? Office? Rules followed? The 'norm'? Is it re-cycled endlessly over repeated lifelines and how benefits? How to set ourselves free... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46XrEeEg5CQ&feature=youtu.be

Compassion! Animals know we are about love, energy that is connected, and we need to heal.


Media telling you NOT TO THINK!!! 


Transgender: This is being pushed massively - have you noticed? Is it the GM foods, additives, oestrogen in the water, genetic material in the vaccines (which start at a very young age) or something else? Without doubt we can see celebrities bringing up boys as girls and v versa, long before they reach puberty. 

We now know that major world players are not women but men! Not wives at all... we won't mention names but it's kind of obvious once you see! Our concern is that it is being pushed on children far too young to make those kind of choices. One to be aware of....  


9. The ultimate and horrific goal or the dark agenda for humanity would surely be AI - the kind of dystopia where we are all connected to a central computer or hive mind. Maybe it does not bother some. But who controls the computer and what happens to your consciousness? This presentation uses a distorted voice but it is worth watching in order to grasp the full picture regarding transhumanism (and the pre-programming for acceptance):




Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions
Scientist are beginning to get more and more "religious". What has happened at CERN the past few Years? And What are they....  https://youtu.be/Kk0Ax6Mlw4w


Phonetics and phoenicians.... very interesting topic to consider...etymology holds many keys! 



CERN identified as the secret entrance to the CIA's underground headquarters under Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Consequently, the CIA headquarters under Lake Geneva can only be reached by subways from CERN and by submarines traveling through a 275-kilometer subway tunnel that apparently begins in Genoa and ends in Lake Geneva. 

Sub-Biosphere 2 CIA headquarters modeled on Lake Geneva. This idea is based on the fact that Sub-Biosphere 2 is the Big European Bubble Chamber¹ (BEBC²), which serves as the command center. CERN's 26.659 km LEP tunnel runs through Switzerland and France. CERN is located 27 km from the center of Lake Geneva  (gest.H.46°27'19.8″N6°36'01.9″E). https://sun9-20.userapi.com/impg/4nuVNxiBHkA-7cSFL46XF3CjmS2qBQmXbRwBAQ/EG0kPB4cRPs.jpg?size=960x539&quality=96&sign=e2e6f56035c073433b179e7b8fc5d5cf&type=album


How many thousands of miles of tunnels are underneath our countries?

The tunnels of Gibraltar were constructed between 1782 and 1968, in five distinct phases. 





GLOBALISTS UNDERGROUND BUNKERS https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-08-02-globalists-flee-to-private-islands-underground-bunkers-unleash-bioweapons-nuke-from-orbit.html




Spiritual matters....  

Dolores Cannon and the new earth bifurcation - are we splitting off in terms of consciousness, and what happened to reincarnation? NEW EARTH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ucn3Xswv4Q&feature=youtu.be


The Pineal Gland: Please see the Introduction blog for information on how fluoride blocks the pineal gland. This is currently being put into the water in the UK and USA, and a four year court trial in the US proved a direct correlation with dementia, alzheimers and bipolar disorders to name a few. The pineal gland is known as the third eye or sensory receiver from universal energies. 





Forwarded from Daniëlle Stotijn (Danielle Stotijn)] https://www.wakingtimes.com/how-dna-is-reprogrammed-by-words-and-frequencies/?fbclid=IwAR00zSm3meEi9aDByotvYIpaXLBFAs_OzV5nk9KyyiTOZVnA_UNXlzogAS0


Awakening to what the world has been about... (article copied and pasted, with which we resonated.)

'Something that is not often spoken about are the consequences of awakening. And it could be the reason people are so delicate, and why The Great Awakening feels so slow and has so many steps. It’s thinking about the past and about our lives and how much time was spent chasing things and obsessing over things that were not real. It’s like your whole life until that point on some level starts to crumble in your head, and it can be so tough to feel stability when you don’t relate to your past anymore, at least for a lot of people. If you think about certain careers that people have had for decades, and then they find out that their job was basically a sham, they were advancing the matrix agenda, without realizing. For example, a teacher who realizes they have been teaching false history, a doctor who has been unintentionally being a conduit for perpetuating unhealth etc. A lot of this stuff can also take a while to hit you, the full scope of it and what it means about your life until that point. Those two things are just easy examples, I don’t want to speak for other people but from my understanding we have all participated and therefore been a part of it, to different extents, and knowing that can hurt. Especially if we tried our best to live sincerely and from our hearts.💛'


The following is also copied and pasted:

Christ Consciousness
'The term “Christ” means a person who's conscious of their behavior and actions, and can Give /Receive Love and Compassion without wanting anything back in return.“

Christ Consciousness” means, a person who embraces and demonstrates divinity. Divinity refers to the highest characteristics, personal qualities of the absolute divine.
Therefore, a “Divine Person” means an individual that can demonstrate and project the attributes of unconditional love and compassion consciously through their thoughts, actions and behaviour.

Christ refers to the understanding and awareness of the divinity and your primary purpose as a spiritual being. When you have found your spiritual connection with the universe and with the Creator, this will manifest outwardly as unconditional love, joy and compassion.

When an individual consciously demonstrates these divine attributes this is known as “Christ Consciousness.” When we speak of the second coming of Christ, it means we will be returning back to the vibration of God Source, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine; Christ Consciousness.

When a person is willing to learn and apply the principles of divinity in their life, they have spiritually evolved. Divinity helps you outwardly perceive the love and compassion in others, you recognize that each person is a spiritual being and understand that each person are at different levels of spiritual growth.

When you integrate divinity as an integral part of yourself and begin to externalize this Christ energy, the very nature of your reality changes. Christ energy only requires you to be open to a new way of living and your willingness to learn, integrate and practice divinity on Earth.

The important thing to keep in mind on your ascension journey, is that you only need your conscious intent and a genuine desire towards wanting to experience a world that operates on unity, love and compassion, which will help you achieve Christ energy.

Christ Consciousness can include your ability to connect to your Higher Self, how you demonstrate the qualities of divinity and your ability to share your spiritual wisdom and knowledge to help others with their spiritual growth.

A person who has activated the upper chakras, namely the Heart , Third Eye, and the Crown chakras has achieved “Christ Consciousness,” because that process shifts a person's frequency into the powerful heart-based qualities, which allows them to consciously demonstrate love, empathy, compassion, and the ability to connect and understand people from a deeper emotional and spiritual level.'

Suggested reading, viewing, and interesting stuff....

1, If you haven't already read it, then '1984' and 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell. Yes, these are fiction, but George Orwell was a member of the illuminati-funded Fabian Society, and he left. What is going on today with the threat of microchips and Mrna vaccines, would have even George turning in his grave. But see the television surveillance and big brother! What did he know all these years ago?   How predictive are films and books? Is someone trying to warn ensuing generations, or slide acceptibility into our minds?

2.  Films: 'Brazil'- A darkly humorous film based on 1984. The thought of flying away into the clouds, into infinity, seems an enticing one just now!

The Truman Show... directed by Richard Rothschild!

The Matrix.

V for Vendetta

3. Although predominantly Catholic, which this writer is not (no set religions for me), this book contains real accounts that are profoundly moving and disturbing. This writer took from it a huge insight into personal behaviours and a dissolving of all illusion regarding the self!  "The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience" by Christine Watkins, Bishop Gavin Ashenden.

4. The Celestine Prophecy, which has messages from the Mayan civilisation on energy fields and synchronicity. It's quite a simplistic read but conveys how we are, see, and use energy fields! Can you see auras from all things living? Do we draw energy from each other instead of from Source? And another running thread is how information needs to be passed on, also a source of energy ...

5. The Gnostic Gospels/Naga Hammadi Scriptures. These were the scriptures NOT included in the New Testament. The rulers of the day ordered they be destroyed. However, the monks who were translating them, disobeyed and buried them. They were discovered in 1945, and translated for us from ancient Egyptian by a team of global scholars. Of course, anything that was banned had to be more interesting? This is not an easy read, at all. However, we would draw attention to both James' and John's accounts, and also to the archons. Yes the archons or the demonic, are real. As Jesus said, 'Know thine enemy!'

6. For the scientific mind: The Mechanics of Consciousness. Itzhak Bentov. This is very hard to read if you are not scientific. However, string theory and quantum mechanics is crucial to understanding the laws of the universe and pretty much all we've been missing. In fact, this work informed a CIA document dating back to 1983, which discusses how people can access their greater awareness, and how people can easily be hypnotised. Interesting how string theory and quantum physics disappeared from the public domain yet is being used in CERN.  We recently discovered the sinister location of the hadron collicor: it is built over an abyss, reputedly the burial site of Abaddon the destroyer! Sounds far-fetched. But did you see the opening ceremony? (and the Olympic Games 2012 in London).

We would beg the question why scientists are not working for the public but yet again for the elites. There was so much we could have learned. Money, yes, but our taxes went to the elites... takes world leaders to let that happen...

7. Dr John Coleman, on the nobility and bloodlines, as outlined above. The Commitee of 300. The Black Venetian Nobility (occult/shadow.)  

8. Human Race get off your Knees! David icke. 

David was laughed off the stage 30 years ago. Since then he has travelled the world and researched what is happening to both humanity and the planet, in incredible depth. Shocking, depressing, pioneering, and courageous, these books will push your boundaries. 

9. Dr Judy Mikovits (virologist) - has several books on vaccines, what's in them and what the problems with them are. She was jailed, had her career ruined, and decades of work was refused publication.

10. Mein Kampf !

11. 'Inside the Brotherhood' Further Secrets of the Freemasons. By Martin Short. 

'The Brotherhood' by Stephen Knight. (deceased age 33...)

12. Arthur H. Mathews. 'The Wall of Light.' He was the last man to work with Nikola Tesla and this concerns the spacecraft information and the Venusians! (This one is 'out there...'  )



Natural healing so we avoid dependance on big pharma and health services ...herbs, homeopathy, med-beds (to come), acupuncture, aromatherapy, knowledge of vitamins, minerals, colloidal silver, cannabis, exercise, yoga, crystal healing.... Does it always have to be a prescription from big pharma? Not always... lots to research on gaining and keeping good health, including the avoidance of things like blue light first thing in the morning (imbalance to melanin and thus the other hormones), sugar (insuin imbalances other hormones), chemicals in food and water, toxic injectables, and of course the obvious ones like smoking. According to the Law of One we do damage to ourselves with negative emotions and blockages to the chakra energy points. There are for sure a lot of very unhealthy people in Western society, so whatever is currently happening is not working.  


Sites for information: reclaimthenet.com 

Common Law Court ... find out the differences between the courts serving the crown and the courts serving the people... this is really important. Article 61 of the Magna Carta under Common law in the UK protects your sovereign rights. Note that under Mariime law, which is what is in the UK, that their statue and corporation laws are not legal unless you consent. Police, courts, government, education etc... all work for the Crown not us. We pay but they do not work for us. Common Law is God's law and the law of the land. For us. As such, watch the language these corporations use... eg 'Do you understand?' means 'Do you stand under my authority?' More info on the legal blog on this site, but far more on CLC.com - Common Law Court

Common Law police who actually work for us!   https://youtu.be/fpDtTa19mXw

Maritime law/finances....


Forwarded from Narrative Reframes

Bilderberg Group & The Trilateral Commission (For the duration of these posts, do not forget that Pfizer is a Rockefeller owned company. It is worth noting that the Rockefeller Empire, in tandem with JP Morgan Chase owns over half of the pharmaceutical interests in the United States. It is the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world. (

Lord Victor Rothschild (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Victor_Rothschild) and Laurance Rockefeller (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Laurance_Rockefeller) hand picked 100 of the world's elite to form The Bilderberg Group, a policy forming globalist group which has met annually since 1954. The group gave birth to what is now the European Union (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=European_Union) (EU), with the ultimate goal of a one world government [Hatch, Doubleday 1962].

The group also pushed the North American Free Trade Agreement (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=North_American_Free_Trade_Agreement) (NAFTA) and the founding of the World Trade Organization (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=World_Trade_Organization) (WTA). 

Founding members include: - General Walter Bedell Smith (Director, CIA, US Ambassador to Moscow, and US Secretary of State under Eisenhower) - Colin Gubbins (Director, British Special Operations Executive) - Prince Bernhard of Germany (Original chairman) - Queen Juliana of the Netherlands - Lord Carrington, UK Founding Governing Council includes: - Stansfield Turner (Director, CIA) - Henry Kissinger (Director of the Special Studies Project for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Rockefeller_Brothers_Fund)) - Robert Ellsworth (Deputy Secretary of Defense, U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Assistant to the President, U.S. Congress Member, Chairman & Founding Director Hamilton BioVentures) - Andrew Schoenberg (Royal Institute for International Affairs) - John Louden, N.M. Rothschild - C.L. Sulzberger, New York Times 

The American Delegation for The Bilderberg Group was founded & led by David Rockefeller. Spokesman for the American Delegation under David Rockefeller: - Charles Douglas Jackson (Vice President of Time magazine (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Time_magazine), delegate to the United Nations (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=United_Nations) (UN), Special Assistant to the President, Publisher of Life Magazine Bilderberg policy is carried out by a 35 member Bilderberg Steering Committee, including an inner circle "Advisory Committee". Committee members have included: - David Rockefeller - Henry Kissinger - James Wolfenson (President, World Bank) - Jessica Matthews (President, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) - Jorma Ollia (Chairman & CEO, Nokia) All American members of the Steering Committee are also members of CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and most members cross-pollinate The Trilateral Commission, co-founded by David Rockefeller. Approximately one third of its members come from the government and political sector while the remaining two thirds represent finance, industry, labor, education and the media. The meetings have been hosted by The Rothschild Family, and 1962 and 1973 meetings were hosted by The Wallenberg Family, the most powerful family in Sweden and holders of significant stake in Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. Meetings are sealed off from the public and the press, with the exception of an authorized press conference at the conclusion of each meeting. Resorts and hotels where the meetings are held are cleared of residents and all visitors, with security provided by Soldiers, Armed Guards, Secret Service (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Secret_Service), State and local police.



Earth United: https://www.earthunited.global

Also check out the World Freedom Alliance! https://worlddoctorsalliance.com/blog/theworldfreedomalliance2020announcementvideo/

Patriot and alternative sites/seaches:


Telegram channels: ghostezra and also, santa surfing.


principia scientifica

amazingpolly (brandnewtube!)

Magenta Pixie (MeWe, brandnewtube, youtube)  

Alternative sites to try (not all vouched for, although we have used the first 5): brandnewtube, bitchute, MeWe, Telegram, Gab, brighteon.com, banned.video, altcensored.com, lbry.tv, tutanota.com, and Rumble

Alternative search engines to try: qwant, duckduckgo, brave.com, startpage.com, swisscows.com, peekier.com, presearch.org 


Alternative newspaper: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/issues/january-2021


We are spiritual, eternal beings... Religion has been corrupted in large part, words changed, meanings twisted. Third party agents have told people what is right and wrong, what to hate, what to condemn, what to feel guilty about and what to think. But the divine is all around us. In you. You have a direct route no matter which country you were born into or what gender, age or creed. Love transcends all. The Source of all creation is love and the blinding light of truth. We can find that truth within us... hold on fast...it's who you are!  

BTW  - somewhere along the line the words were changed to the Lord's Prayer. This is the original. 'Who' art in heaven (not which); and 'trespasses' not 'debts'! Now why would those words have been changed?  

 'For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.
What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done. (Jesus Christ, Matthew 16:24-27)


"What It's Really Like Being a Highly Sensitive Person | Psychology Today" https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-secret-lives-introverts/201907/what-its-really-being-highly-sensitive-person?amp

"21 Signs That You're a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)" https://highlysensitiverefuge.com/highly-sensitive-person-signs/